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Joanna Elise Gabriella Homebirth


Joanna Elise Gabriella's Birth Story

Our precious little girl is such a miracle! She is our sixth baby, but the first that we have been given the gift of bringing into the world and shepherding. Part of me cannot believe it has been almost a year—I had planned to do this much sooner—it has actually been written since May, but alas! ☺). However, the gift of learning the art of surrender with which Debbie and Claudia blessed me with has proved a more challenging lesson than I thought—which serves to prove how much I need to focus on embracing surrender. I am realizing that part of the reason that I could not write this until four months after her birth really had very little to do with having not watched the video all the way through (although it was enlightening—there were a few things that did not remember and that I was surprised by—namely that I was actually pretty sweet to everyone, even funny at times, that I called out to The Lord for help when I needed it most, and that I could transition so quickly to being this little one's mama—more on that later), but that I still feel I'm in the birth process. Being postpartum has been the most challenging time in my life and in many ways I will always be postpartum and so this growing and changing will always be a part of me for the better-this is just an element that I could never have imagined. However, I feIt I could finally write this because I felt myself waking up to who I truly am-though I know that may not make much sense, but just a few weeks before she was four months, I felt I began to see myself clearly and quite possibly for the first time because the feeling was identical to seeing her for the first time—part 'oh, so there you are—it's you' and 'who are you, sweet one?'-a strong sense of knowing coupled with the realization that there is a vastness yet unknown which has produced a strong desire to learn how to know more fully. I know this is supposed to be our birth story and not a window into my process of 'forging the smithy of my soul’—just beware that I cannot help it, and perhaps you may find that you won't be able to either, because my journey with this child has been just that and more.

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Charlotte Jean Homebirth

The night before my guess date, I had some quality time with James, my husband. I had convinced him that we needed to take advantage of every opportunity to be intimate since we wouldn’t be able to for weeks after the baby was born (a much more enticing way of asking him to insert some prostaglandin-rich semen near my cervix to soften things up). I fell asleep to a hypnosis track like I did every night and woke up when I felt something that was a bit different than all the braxton hicks I had been having. I looked at the clock--it was 1:50 am. I felt it again and decided to get up and go to the bathroom. The second I moved, I felt a trickle down my leg--pretty sure I had just leaked some amniotic fluid. I was giddy thinking that this was probably going to be the day--and on my guess date none the less. I knew I should get some sleep. I decided to do a fear clearing session since my water was leaking, and I didn’t want to worry about infection or worry about labor not really starting for a long time. I was still awake when that track finished, and then I listened to Birthing Day Affirmations.

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Benjamin Homebirth

Before you read this very candid account of Benjamin’s birth, you should know that it was the most wonderful, amazing experience of my life. I’m honest about the pain in my story, but readers should know that I would do it again in a heartbeat.

On 11/10, 5-7 days before my EDD, I woke up at 3:17 a.m. for my usual “wee hour of the morning” trip to the potty. I realized as I returned to bed that I had some menstrual-like cramping. It was coming and going, so I was sure that I was starting the labor process and got very excited. I woke Matt and told him, and also reassured him that he should go back to sleep since we had no idea what the coming day would bring.

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Ocean Vega Homebirth

On Saturday March 15 I woke up around 9am with some mild cramps. I went to the bathroom and quickly realized I had the “bloody show” that initiates going into labor. I told Carlos and we then called our midwife Claudia to confirm what we thought. We decided to call our cramps or contractions “waves” as it seemed a softer and friendlier word. Our midwife had instructed us to keep calm and try to go about a regular day..maybe do some walking. From then on we would talk with her at regular intervals by phone to keep her up to date on our progress. So we went to the mall and to look at strollers that day. The waves were about 10 to 15 minutes apart, but were pretty random and mild.

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Liam Forrester

It was at the end of July and I was a week away from my due date. That afternoon I was at the vet with my 13 year-old invalid dog Boo, trying to figure out a way to help her be as comfortable as possible in her last days (I had decided to hold off on helping her let go of this life until after my baby had come—I hadn’t wanted to experience the grief of her loss while I was carrying my child).

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Gabriel Ryan


That is the only word I can think of to describe my pregnancy and birth. Ryan and I got married 18 December 2005, and by the beginning of January, I wanted to be pregnant NOW. Only problem was that I wasn’t scheduled to graduate until May 2007, a year and a half away. I started reading books, most of which came from my mom, and charting my cycles to prepare for (and to prevent for the time being) pregnancy. Ryan and I had many conversations about when we would try to get pregnant.

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Iris Aurora

Now that Iris is four months old, perhaps it is time for me to finish writing her birth story. I started writing this two months ago. It's a challenge, as it feels like I'm stealing time from her in getting it written, but already I fear I'm forgetting things, so negligent or not, here I go...

Wednesday (June 27) began with my by-then standard flurry of nesting activity. Already suspecting that today might be the day, I loaded the car full of recycling and donations for the thrift store, tasks I knew would never be taken care of after the birth. A phone call from my mom with the admonition, "No babies tonight!" added to my suspicions... I loaded Galen in the car and set out.

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Lyllea May

(This birth story was written by Lyllea’s 8 year old brother, Colin, and printed here exactly as written by him.)

The day my sistor was born. Lillea I love you.

I was at school lirning about pennies and adding them together. enthen the ofes cold me for dis misel on the iner com. enthen my teacher saide get yor book bag, and yellow folder, and egenda. I pakt up and I went for dis missle. I was thinking about my mom having a baby. i wont doune the hall.

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Riley Larkin

On Monday Oct 9th around 1:30am I awoke because it felt like I had wet myself. I went to the bathroom and there was a lot more fluid than usual but not enough to make me think my water had broken because I always thought it would be like a gush of fluid. I changed my undies and pantyliner and went back to bed. A few minutes later I had leaked again and this time felt like this must mean something. I went and woke Joe up to tell him and, after discussing it for a little while, went back to bed. I tried to sleep, but it was hard to knowing that this meant our baby would soon be here. Besides, I continued to leak the rest of the night and felt crampy.

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Noah Lucas

The entire pregnancy I prayed to God that I would get a good night sleep before I went into labor (as for my first labor, with Savannah I was up allll night and very tired). Well my prayers were answered!! I woke up at about 6:00 AM on January 10, with very mild contraction coming and going every 15-20 minutes...I could deal with that, I didn’t wake my husband yet although he heard my every move. At about 7:00 AM they started to get somewhat stronger and my husband asked if he should stay home from the office today...

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