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Gabriel Ryan


That is the only word I can think of to describe my pregnancy and birth. Ryan and I got married 18 December 2005, and by the beginning of January, I wanted to be pregnant NOW. Only problem was that I wasn’t scheduled to graduate until May 2007, a year and a half away. I started reading books, most of which came from my mom, and charting my cycles to prepare for (and to prevent for the time being) pregnancy. Ryan and I had many conversations about when we would try to get pregnant.

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Stella Kathryn

It was July 21st, my estimated due date, but I felt like I was overdue. I was huge, it was hot, and since my first child came two weeks early, I was expecting this one a little early too. I was also expecting this baby to come quickly and it seemed that everyone I interacted with thought that would be the case. I knew that it would take the Debbie, my midwife, around two hours to get to my house and if my labor was at all similar to my mother’s second labor that would be just enough time.

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