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Joshua Loucas

Lord, your will be done….BUT, if I have any say in the matter, I’d REALLY like to have this baby tomorrow.

That was my whispered prayer Thursday night. Never mind the fact the whole house had been sick all week, and never mind the fact I still had last minute things to do to prepare for this baby. I was ready.

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Callan Timothy

I woke up the morning of Friday December 14th, 8 days after Callan’s due date and decided it would be a fantastic day to have a baby. It was beautiful outside, warm and sunny, and a crisp perfect day. I had spent the past two days inside feeling big and hormonal and wanting to be a recluse. It was nice to wake up energetic and inspired. So I decided to throw on clothes and walk and walk and walk to get my uterus in action.

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Lyllea May

(This birth story was written by Lyllea’s 8 year old brother, Colin, and printed here exactly as written by him.)

The day my sistor was born. Lillea I love you.

I was at school lirning about pennies and adding them together. enthen the ofes cold me for dis misel on the iner com. enthen my teacher saide get yor book bag, and yellow folder, and egenda. I pakt up and I went for dis missle. I was thinking about my mom having a baby. i wont doune the hall.

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