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Normalizing Birth and Empowering Families with Debbie Schneider, CPM


Normalizing Birth and Empowering Families with Debbie Schneider, CPM

"Continuing our work to bring real and honest stories of home birth to you, we sat down with Debbie Schneider, CPM extraordinaire. Debbie is actually our midwife. She delivered Maya, and has become a very important part of our lives.
We’ve known we wanted to interview Debbie since we started the podcast. She’s an amazing and wise source of information and support of all things home birth.
Her story in becoming a midwife is an inspiring one, deciding to shift into her life’s passion at 44. Now 18 years later and some 700 births attended, Debbie talks about “normalizing birth again,” that is, putting it back in the hands of mothers and families to choose the birth plan that aligns best with them.
We could’ve talked with Debbie all day, but for the sake of time, we kept it to about an hour. And you won’t want to miss one minute of it. You’ll get some of the history of home birth, obstetrics’ attempts to “make birth more efficient,” and the differences in the experiences of home and the typical hospital birth.
Here are some of the resources Debbie mentions in the episode:
• The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth
• Ina May Gaskin
• Obstetric Myths Versus Research Realities
• DawningLife Midwifery"

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