DawningLife Midwifery

Experienced homebirth midwives serving Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia families for over 35 years!

Meet the Midwives
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Constance Conn, CPM

I love what I do! I am a CPM and QE with an active and ongoing homebirth practice that now spans 30 years and more than 1,200 births. I guess I’ve been around for awhile—at this point I am beginning to find myself called to attend 2nd generation births, an amazing blessing! For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the study of life. I majored in Zoology at Duke U. in the 70’s ...
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Debbie Schneider, CPM

I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and licensed in the state of Tennessee to practice midwifery. I consider midwifery a noble profession and a true calling – and next to my family, it is my heart. I am dedicated to nurturing, educating and empowering women in pregnancy and childbirth (and beyond) and have now been the primary midwife to over 650 women and their babies. I tend to approach my life with a holistic mindset. …
Meet Our Apprentices
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Lacey Heasley

I became interested in pregnancy and childbirth at a young age, starting my journey with research and reading. My calling to become a midwife came years later after the birth of my son. Having a child and giving birth, changes you in the most profound way possible and it was then I decided I wanted to help women have the best and safest birth experience possible.
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Wendy Weekly

I fell in love with the human body back in grade School—I found the human body to be more than just fascinating, it was exciting and amazing. Thoroughly enjoying how we could become knowledgeable about how each and every part of these miraculous bodies worked together to carry a baby and give birth to that baby.