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Wendy Weekly
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I fell in love with the human body back in grade School—I found the human body to be more than just fascinating, it was exciting and amazing. Thoroughly enjoying how we could become knowledgeable about how each and every part of these miraculous bodies worked together to carry a baby and give birth to that baby.  

When in school for home health nursing my desire to care for others and learn the artful skill of serving blossomed and only planted more ambition to continue to learn about the human body and how women throughout history had been giving birth naturally. Exploring this history of midwifery thrilled my brain and heart. I absolutely love the privilege of learning about the history of childbirth. Maybe it came from by grandmother who was a “granny midwife” in the hollers of Kentucky? The journey to learn how to have a natural childbirth with confidence and power is what has given me the passion and love for practicing as a doula and now as a student midwife!

As a professional I have worked with 100’s of women for over 11 years through birth support, childbirth education, crisis counseling and case management. While this work was extremely gratifying I knew there was a deep calling in my soul to move on to the next leg of my journey. I had a small detour for a couple of years while working with preschool children on the spectrum teaching social and emotional skills. This drove me to continue my exploration of starting my own Birth Doula business. I also am an experienced birth doula and owner of “A Graceful Beginning Doula Service”. What I hear most from my clients is, ‘Wendy is knowledgeable, supportive, calming and intuitive. I expect to bring all these qualities and more to the apprenticeship here at DawningLife Midwifery.

Living life with and playing with my 8 grandchildren is a delight and blessing that is such a deep part of who I am and I believe it gives me a view of our culture with a fresh and creative view. V ghbParenting a 16-year-old daughter creates drive for me to never give up and stretches me personally every day. Of course my life partner and husband of 33 years is always my best cheerleader and continues to inspire and encourage me as I embark on this new life adventure to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife.

I have completed training approved by DONA International and have the following experience and certifications:
  • Mother of four, grandmother of eight
  • Certified Home Health Nurse
  • Peer Breastfeeding Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Community Childbirth Educator
  • 10 years’ experience as a Crisis Counselor
  • Special Needs Early Childhood Educator
  • 11 years’ experience as a Doula

My natural gifting of encouragement and being able to stay calm in any crisis is a thoughtful and practiced skill that can and does help me succeed in building relationships with all women, no matter age or size, no matter where you are in life, or help you may need!

I believe that every woman was uniquely created to give birth and it is my delight to educate, empower, and support women as their families are born. It is my sincere desire to help each woman, family, and birth team grow together in love and understanding while they are discerning their journey that best fits them as their lives are transformed by birth.

My vision is to create a culture of information to exchange before, during and after pregnancy. I will always strive to provide evidence based data and connections to a multitude of quality resources for mothers and families.