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Lacey Heasley
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I became interested in pregnancy and childbirth at a young age, starting my journey with research and reading. My calling to become a midwife came years later after the birth of my son. Having a child and giving birth, changes you in the most profound way possible and it was then I decided I wanted to help women have the best and safest birth experience possible.

I believe with all my heart that women have the power and strength, to birth naturally and beautifully. It is my deepest desire for the world and especially women to view birth as normal, safe, and desirable. I hope that in the not so distance future there are more midwives, more women giving birth in the comfort and safety of their homes, more support from the medical community, and more reliable information for parents and soon to be parents. I want to see a change take place in this country and the way we give birth and I would love to be a part of that change.

I have been an apprentice with DawningLife Midwifery for 5 years and have attended over 150 homebirths with them as an assistant, working toward the CPM credential. I was a doula for a few years and I also have previous hospital L&D experience as an OB Tech/Unit Coordinator. I am currently a midwifery student at Midwives College of Utah working on my Bachelor of Science in Midwifery degree. I hold certifications in CPR and Neonatal Resuscitation. I have given birth twice, to an amazing little boy and girl, who have given my life more joy than I had ever imagined possible.

I am nearing the end of my training as an apprentice and have been attending births in the role of Primary Midwife Under Supervision. I only have a few primary under supervision births left to do before I can sit for my qualifying exam. I was recently asked to join DawningLife Midwifery as a junior partner and I happily accepted. This practice and these two amazing midwives, and the incredible families we serve—feel like home to me. I am eager to take on new clients and support families through their pregnancy and birthing journeys!!

**I am currently offering FREE placenta encapsulation for any client who books in with me as their Primary Midwife. See Placenta Encapsulation page for more details